Specialty Masses

Smoothie Mass- Keenan Hall, Wednesdays at 10 PM

Ice Cream Social Mass- Fisher Hall and Carroll Hall, Sundays at 10 PM

Boba Tea Mass- Badin Hall (in Pangborn), Tuesdays 9:30 PM

Candlelight Mass with Hot Chocolate- Pasquerilla East, Wednesdays at 10 PM

Milkshake Mass- Dillon Hall, Thursdays 10 PM

Pizza Mass- Dunne Hall, Tuesdays 10 PM

Sundae Mass- Breen-Phillips Hall, first Sunday of the month at 10 PM

S'Morrissey Mass (S'mores)- Morrissey Manor, Wednesdays 10 PM

Basement Snacks- Stanford Hall, Sundays 10:30 PM

Cookie Mass- Lyons Hall, Wednesdays 10 PM

Trivia Mass- Sorin College, Tuesdays 10 PM

"Monk" Wednesday/ Mass and Cheese- Sorin College, Wednesdays 10 PM

Root Beer Float Mass- Keough Hall, Wednesdays 10 PM

Duncan Donuts- Duncan Hall, Tuesdays 9 PM