Executive Council

Sam Cannova

President: Sam Cannova, Siegfried Hall

I'm Sam Cannova, amateur Spikeball-er and Freshman Class Council Rep from Siegfried! I hail from Wheaton, Illinois, which is about twenty miles west of Chicago, so I've been missing deep dish pizza (though North Dining Hall does not disappoint). Since arriving on campus, I've found myself studying on floor five of Hesburgh Library while occasionally taking some time for a relaxing walk/Limebike ride around God Quad. I look forward to collaborating with my classmates to make this a great year for everyone that gets to call the Dome home.

Vice-President: Peter Hennessey, Alumni Hall


Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Peter Hennessey, and I am a proud resident of Alumni Hall, the greatest dorm ever created. I am originally from St. Louis, Missouri and I am very proud of my Midwestern upbringing. Currently, I am a member of the Alumni Dawg football team, the SIBC Deloitte accounting project, and various business clubs. I am a second generation Domer, and my best attribute is my love for Notre Dame. If you see me please say hi! I love to meet fellow Domers. 


Treasurer: Joe Bialous, Fisher Hall

Hey Guys! My name is Joe Bialous and I'm from San Francisco, but currently live in the greatest dorm on campus, Fisher. The real important things to know about me are that I'm an absolute Mario-Kart fiend and love to get a cookie-dough smoothie from Reckers whenever possible. I am a business major, but outside of class I am part of club lacrosse, SIBC, Investment Club, and ALPFA. My favorite spot on campus, besides the beloved Fisher, has to be the iconic Golden Dome where every time you walk by it is a great photo-op.

Secretary: Kaya Lawrence, Badin Hall

Kaya 1

Hey y'all! My name is Kaya Lawrence, and I hail from the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana, also known as the Big Easy. My residence hall is the wonderful Badin Hall. Go Bullfrogs! Unfortunately, we are living in Pangborn Hall this year while the precious Badin is being renovated, and you can usually catch me studying in any of Pangborn's lounges when I'm not in class. I plan on double majoring in Sociology and Political Science with a possible minor in Business Economics. The goal is to pursue a law degree after I graduate. Aside from being the Badin Rep for FCC, I am involved in a variety of clubs and activities such as Shades of Ebony, Prism, Human Rights ND, College Democrats, and Interhall sports. I am beyond excited to be a part of the FCC this year, and I cannot wait to get to know everybody. Go Irish!


Class Representatives


Margaret D'Auria, Lewis Hall

Hello! My name is Margaret D'Auria, and I am from Newtown, Pennsylvania, which is outside of Philadelphia. I now live in the best dorm on campus: Lewis Hall! I am excited to plan events and meet members of the Class of 2021 this year on FCC. Other than FCC, I play some interhall and co-rec sports, am a member of SWE, and am hopefully playing on the club lacrosse team in the spring. When I'm not in class, I can most likely be found talking loudly in North Dining Hall, watching Philadelphia or Irish sports, or studying in the library and Lewis Hall. Fun fact about me: my favorite roller coaster is the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios Orlando, and I once went on it 11 times in an hour! I cannot wait to help create community in the Class of 2021!

Joe Andrews, Zahm House


Hello! My name is Joe Andrews and I am from Wood Dale, IL. By the grace of God I was placed in Zahm House, an honor I uphold with the unparalleled dignity, respect, and class always associated with Zahm. While on campus, I participate in SIBC, work in the admissions office, and procrastinate doing my philosophy reading. I also love playing guitar and piano; however, since this talent has yet to get me any girls, I consider myself a failure to the music community. A fun fact about me is that I have a list of "Things I Hate" on my phone that currently contains 277 items (278 if you include writing short bios about myself). If I can help in any way, feel free to email me at Otherwise, try; whether they help or not, I think it'd be hilarious to see what they say. Go Irish!

Maddie Gilbertson, Flaherty Hall


Hi everyone! My name is Maddie Gilbertson and I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am beyond blessed to call the beautiful Flaherty Hall my home here at Notre Dame. I'm the first in my family to come to Notre Dame, but I already bleed blue and green. When I'm not hanging out on North Quad or in the line at Starbucks, you can find me playing interhall volleyball or watching the Eagles. I am so excited to be a part of FCC and work with such a great group of people! I can't wait to learn from everyone and make the Class of 2021 the best it can be. Go Irish!


James Caggiano, Morrissey Manor

Yo what is up everybody! My name is James Caggiano, originally from Rochester, NY (home of the Garbage Plate), but now I call Morrissey Manor my home. Outside of the Manor, you can find me either playing frisbee on the club team, playing for one of our interhall sports teams, or being the grill master at one of our cook outs #BMOC. Besides FCC, I am involved in my Hall Council and SIBC. When I am not getting involved or studying, you can find me practicing to become the best Super Smash Bros Melee player on the entire campus. I am ready for four great years here at ND!


Maria Ritten, Pasquerilla West

Hey, friends! My name is Maria Ritten and I am from Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb just outside of Chicago. However, my second home is here on campus in Pasquerilla West (or PDub). In addition to being a part of FCC I am involved in Interhall Flag Football, club lacrosse, PDub's Hall Council, and KiND Club. You can find me around campus on the tenth floor of Club Hes (those renovations though), hanging out on the quads, or doing homework in LaFun's basement. I love meeting new people and I am looking forward to helping connect the Class of 2021 through FCC. Go Irish!

Steven Cascio, Dunne Hall


Hi everyone, my name is Steven Cascio and I'm from Long Island, New York. I proudly reside in Dunne Hall and am pumped to represent my fellow Sentinels in FCC. I'm looking forward to raising our first Hall of the Year banner this year. As a huge fan of basketball and the New York Knicks, I can't wait for basketball games at the Joyce Center. Currently a business major, I plan on studying business analytics. When I'm not busy with schoolwork, Student International Business Council, or Football Student Managers Program, you can catch me at Rolfs working on my post game or dishing out some L's in FIFA back at the dorm. Here's to a great first year. God Bless and Go Irish!

Emilia Furlo, McGlinn Hall


Hi! My name is Emilia Furlo and I'm from Wilton, Connecticut. I currently live in McGlinn and am excited to be representing my fellow Shamrocks on FCC this year! You can find me going for a run around the lakes, playing music while going for a bike ride with buds, and spending time with friends in the dorm. I am currently a member of fashion club, play center on the McGlinn flag football team (Roll Rocks), and would highly recommend the dining hall waffles. Looking forward to a great year; Go Irish! 

Michael Dunn, Carroll Hall

Dunn 2

Hey all, my name is Michael Dunn and I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm privileged to be the Freshman Class Representative from Carroll Hall, home of the best 100 guys. I distribute my time pretty well between Carroll Hall, the Hesburgh Library, and Taco Bell at LaFun. I love the opportunities available at Notre Dame, as there are organizations for every interest. I participate in GreeND, AIChE, EES, Carroll Hall football and Cross Country, and now the FCC. My career aspirations involve projects with clean water infrastructure in countries where such infrastructure is minimal or non-existent, and I'm going to pursue a degree in either Chemical or Environmental Engineering to reach this goal. I'm excited to get to work with fellow leaders in creating the best Notre Dame we can achieve. I'm grateful that I get to call Notre Dame my home. 

Julia 2

Julia Dillhoff, Pasquerilla East

Hey guys!  My name is Julia Dillhoff and I'm super excited to be a part of FCC and make our time at ND the best!  I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio and part of the hottest dorm on campus, Pasquerilla East!  I'm a mechanical engineering major and outside of class (which isn't much time) you'll find me running, playing club lacrosse, or at Latino Student Alliance.  I'm a fourth generation domer so I've always loved ND, and I especially love the people, traditions, and of course, the football.  Go irish!


Michael French, Duncan Hall

My name is Michael French, and I am the Freshman Class Council Representative from Duncan Hall.  I am from San Francisco and am the first in my family to attend Notre Dame. I plan to study in Mendoza, but I am undecided on what major I will pursue.  I am looking upon the upcoming school year with excitement, and I look forward to forging relationships and making memories with my classmates and fellow FCC Representatives!


Rebecca Hammond, Farley Hall

Hi! My name is Rebecca Hammond, I'm from the Chicago suburbs - original, I know - and now I'm blessed to call Farley Hall my home. I'm the first in my family to go to ND, but I already have so much pride for this amazing school. When I'm not in class, you can catch me on North Quad doing homework, sometimes napping, or trying to practice for flag football (Farley's going to the stadium this year, you heard it here first). I'm currently a biology major and can't wait to explore all the classes Notre Dame has to offer. I love the community here and can't wait to contribute to it as a member of FCC!!

Noble Patidar, Keough Hall


Welcome! I'm Noble Patidar of Keough Hall (Go Roos!), and I'm from the Sunshine State. I am also a part of Bridge ND and Model UN, and I am the unofficial Hypeman of Keough Inter-hall Sports (Yes, I gave myself this title). Making life-time relationships and leaving a new legacy of tradition are just two big things I am looking forward to. Friends. Family. Hype. God. With these four pillars of life, you can find me anywhere, from the Stadium to South Quad, from La-Fun to the Grotto. I'm not White and I'm not Catholic, but you don't have to be either of those to appreciate the community of this place. I chose ND because of its people, because of its culture, because of its tradition, and I know I've made the best decision of my life. Let's get some coffee or hang out sometime! It's never bye for me; it's just till next time. 


Susan Peters, Ryan Hall

Hello there! My name is Susan Peters, and I am from Phoenix, Arizona, which is slightly warmer than South Bend. Needless to say, winter (whatever that is) will be interesting. I am incredibly psyched to be on Freshman Class Council with so many passionate and dedicated people. Outside of FCC, I am on the mock trial team, which is magnificent and challenging in the best way. I can usually be found in the Hesburgh Library, Jordan Hall of Science, or wandering aimlessly, searching for meaning. It is an immense privilege to be part of the Notre Dame community, and I am so happy to foster unity in the Class of 2021. 

Michael Dugan, Dillon Hall


Hello! I'm Michael Dugan, from Washington Township, New Jersey, a small town about 30 minutes from New York City. I am extremely happy to live in the beautiful, non-air conditioned Dillon Hall, and on the beautiful campus of Notre Dame. I'm probably going to major in either Computer Science or Computer Engineering, and minor in either public policy or constitutional studies. When I'm not in class, you can find me on South Quad tossing around a frisbee, grilling steak at the Knights of Columbus, or watching football with friends. I'm really excited to be on Freshman Class Council and for being able to both meet and work for the wonderful freshmen of Notre Dame. Go Irish!

Mae Rose Dolan, Welsh Family Hall

Dolan 4

Hi!  My name is Maegan Dolan, but I go by Mae Rose!! I am a proud Whirlwind, living in Welsh Family Hall!  I am from Long Island, New York: home of the best pizza and bagels. I am a member of the NY Club, the UWIB club, the Club Lacrosse team, and the Welsh Fam Flag Football team! I am looking forward to getting to know all of my fellow FCC reps, and working together to make our freshman year the best it can be!  You can find me in our 2A section lounge doing homework, at ABP deciding what to order, or on West Quad hanging out!  I chose to attend Notre Dame because I fell in love with the campus and atmosphere.  My favorite thing about Notre Dame is the people that I have met and the community that we build together, especially during football season!!

Yeon Jun Kim, Keenan Hall


Hello. It's Yeon Jun Kim. Most people just call me Yeon, and I am proud to be the first-year representative for Keenan Hall. I am originally from Seoul, South Korea and after living there for about seven years, I moved to a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean called Saipan, where I learned most of my English for two years. Since then, I had been in New York City, until I found my new home in Notre Dame. One of the many things I love is that there is a super passionate Ultimate Frisbee team here at Notre Dame. I really enjoy either practicing at Stepan Fields with my team or just throw discs around with my hallmates. I wish that through Freshman Class Council I can do something to contribute to the Notre Dame family because I truly love the community here so much.


Kate Rothmeyer, Howard Hall

Hey everyone! My name is Kate and I live in Howard Hall. I'm from Seattle, WA, and like any other Pacific Northwest native, I love hiking, skiing, and basically anything outdoors. At Notre Dame, I am a part of the Undergraduate Women in Business Club and I plan on playing Club Lacrosse in the spring. I am undecided on my major, but I am thinking about studying political science and/or business. When I'm not in class, I can usually be found sipping some la croix with friends or hammocking on South Quad. I am so excited to be a part of FCC and the Class of 2021!

Tim Brauer, Knott Hall


Hey everyone, I'm Tim Brauer, Freshman Representative from Knott Hall! I was born and raised in Bonn, Germany and am super excited to be attending Notre Dame. For my major, I'm currently still undecided, however I'm looking at both business and philosophy. Outside of class, I can usually be found drinking coffee, studying at the library, hanging out with friends, or at the Notre Dame Boathouse during rowing practices. I am really excited to represent the fine gentlemen of Knott Hall on the FCC and can't wait to work with the other representatives to do some great things for the Class of '21! 

Carolyn Gehan, Cavanaugh Hall

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While I currently reside on the first floor of Cavanaugh Hall, I am originally from Bernardsville, NJ which is about 45 minutes from New York City. If I'm not in my common room wasting time  with my roommates, I can be found in the 2nd floor reading room of the library, in the ACE building loft, or walking around the lakes. I chose to come to Notre Dame because of the people I met on my visit: whether I was in the basilica being hugged by the stranger next to me, on North Quad receiving smiles, or at a local restaurant being served by a friendly staff, I felt welcomed. I can't wait to experience more that this university has to offer and meet more of the lovely people who call it home!

Matthew Coffey, St. Edward's Hall


Hello everybody! I am Matt Coffey from Omaha, Nebraska, but I now call Steds my home. I am an engineering student right now, but that is all subject to change. I currently am involved in Fishing Club and corec soccer in addition to FCC. When I am not doing homework, I am most likely to be found on North quad or at the Stephan fields. I am a huge Notre Dame football fan and have been all my life. I am gaining confidence in this year's team and hope we can win out the rest of the year. Go Irish!

Sophia Pelayo Mazzone, Lyons Hall


Sophia grew up in Vancouver, BC, Canada before moving to South Bend Indiana with the prospect of finding herself. A true Lyonite of Lyons hall, she is hungry to make her time at ND count. Sophia can often be found hanging at the observatory (cosmology 4 lyfe) and perfecting her soft serve swirl technique at SDH. She is excited to raid the Mendoza building and help strengthen the bond between dorms throughout campus. "GOOOO Irish" - Sophia:1:AM-PM

Kellen Round, Stanford Hall


Hey there! My name is Kellen Round, and I was born and raised in Missoula, Montana.  Although I am a first-generation Notre Dame student, I have wanted to come here for as long as I can remember.  My new home is at the top of North Quad in the Cinderblock Palace of Love. When I'm not at Stanford Hall, you can find me studying on the 5th Floor of Hesburgh, playing interhall football, or trying out the best new meal at North Dining Hall. Over the next four years I also hope to continue working with Special Olympics and conduct research, preferably cancer-oriented. As a science-business major in the College of Science, I'm looking to eventually attend medical school and practice orthopedics. Finally, I am a proud member of the Montana Club (for those who love life in the Rocky Mountains).  In Glory Everlasting!

Gabrielle Biltz, Walsh Hall


Hey there! My name is Gabrielle Biltz, but those who know me call me Gabby (mainly because I talk a lot). I grew up in the small town of Garrettsville, located in Northeast Ohio, but now reside in Walsh Hall. When I'm not in Walsh studying and using my print quota, you can find me out and about campus eating strawberry ice cream cones and enjoying long walks by the lake. If you see me, feel free to join me! I love meeting new people and engaging in conversation. I am super duper excited to be a member of the FCC team and I can't wait to plan some amazing things for the Class of 2021! Be ready for some fun because I plan to make this year "Gabulous" (see what I did there? It's like fabulous...but better). 

Robert Scott, Sorin College


I'm Robert Scott, the Freshman Class Council Representative of Sorin College. I currently reside in the lovely basement of Sorin College though I can often be found in Bond Hall studying or doing my homework despite being a Chemical Engineering major and not an Architecture major. I am originally from Summit, New Jersey where I grew up and went to the local high school. I have two older brothers one who is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and another who is a senior at Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina. Besides FCC I am also a member of the First-Year Engineering Council, the Notre Dame Swim Club, the Knights of Columbus and the Irish Club. I look forward to planning some great events for the Class of 2021 in the coming academic year, go Irish!


Elizabeth Lauer, Breen-Phillips Hall

Hey y'all!! My name is Elizabeth Lauer, and I am from Charlotte, NC. I'm thrilled to be representing the Best People from the Best Place on campus (Breen-Phillips!) in the FCC, and I plan on studying in the Mendoza College of Business. When I'm not in class, you can find me hanging out in the pen with my fellow Babes, in line for pasta stir fry at NDH, or playing flag football out on the fields. I'm also involved with Women in Business, Ronald McDonald House volunteering, and the Right to Life Movement.  I look forward to planning events for the FCC and making our first year at Notre Dame incredible! GO IRISH!!

Jake Marcionette, O'Neill Hall


Hail visitor, well met! My name is Jake Marcionette and I live in the greatest college dormitory ever constructed: O'Neill Family Hall (Section 3A!). I have the privilege of calling the exceptional state of Florida home, as I reside in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL around 30 minutes south of Jacksonville, FL. Alongside my involvement in student government I am an active member in both the Federal Reserve and Fiscal Challenge Club and the Debate team. I plan on majoring in Finance, and very interested in public policy and writing.  Some of my favorite spots on campus include the South Dining Hall, the Law School, and Room 207 in O'Shaughnessy Hall. I am excited to have the opportunity to represent and look after the interests of my constituents and help ensure the class of 2021 has a great 4 years. Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame!