Executive Council

Sam Cannova

President: Sam Cannova, Siegfried Hall

I'm Sam Cannova, Siegfried Rambler and amateur Spikeball-er. I hail from Wheaton, Illinois, which is about twenty miles west of Chicago, so (despite NDH's best efforts) I've been missing deep dish pizza. Since arriving on campus, I've found myself occasionally hanging out with friends, taking some time for a relaxing walk/Limebike ride around God Quad, and performing research on what a Rambler is. I look forward to collaborating with my classmates to make this a great year for everyone that gets to call the Dome home.

Vice-President: Pete Hennessey, Alumni Hall


Hey y’all! I’m Pete Hennessey, and I’m (obviously) a sophomore hailing from the beautiful paradise of St. Louis, Missouri. I currently reside in Alumni Hall and actually am a second generation Dawg. My favorite hobbies include long walks on the beaches of Missouri, flossing (the dance, not so much the dental practice), and making friends! As VP, my primary goal and responsibility is to get to know my classmates well, so please contact me if you’d like to ever talk or “get coffee” (I don’t drink coffee but I’ll come anyway.)


Treasurer: Joe Bialous, Fisher Hall

Hey Guys! My name is Joe Bialous and I'm from San Francisco, but currently live in the greatest dorm on campus, Fisher. The real important things to know about me are that I'm an absolute Mario-Kart fiend and love to get a cookie-dough smoothie from Reckers whenever possible. I am a business major, but outside of class I am part of club lacrosse, SIBC, Investment Club, and ALPFA. My favorite spot on campus, besides the beloved Fisher, has to be the iconic Golden Dome where every time you walk by it is a great photo-op.

Secretary: Margaret "Marge" D'Auria, Lewis Hall


Hey everyone! My name is Marge, and I am the sophomore class secretary. I am from outside of Philadelphia and am passionate about Philadelphia sports. Aside from my true passion, Class Council, I do a couple other things on campus. I am a student manager at LaFortune Student Center and the athletics commissioner for Lewis Hall! GO CHICKS! I really love playing as many intramural sports as possible. I am a reigning indoor flag football champion and am on 4 teams aspiring to win championships at the moment now (lost one already, could've been five). Also I have a dog named Trixie. I love class council and I love my buddies, they are great!!

Class Representatives



Joe Andrews, Zahm House

Hello! My name is Joe Andrews and I am from Wood Dale, IL. By the grace of God I was placed in Zahm House, an honor I uphold with the unparalleled dignity, respect, and class always associated with Zahm. While on campus, I participate in SIBC and Best Buddies, work in the admissions office, and procrastinate doing my finance reading. I also love playing guitar and piano; however, since this talent has yet to get me any girls, I consider myself a failure to the music community. A fun fact about me is that I have a list of "Things I Hate" on my phone that currently contains 311 items (312 if you include writing short bios about myself). If I can help in any way, feel free to email me at Otherwise, try; whether they help or not, I think it'd be hilarious to see what they say. Go Irish!


Connor Bert, Duncan Hall

I’m a first year member of Class Council from Boston, Massachusetts (Go Pats!) and im really excited for this year! When I’m not doing super productive class council things I’m usually doing homework in either the student center or the basement of Fitzpatrick or out on McGlinn fields with the rest of the Ultimate Frisbee team.


Gabby Biltz, Walsh Hall

Gabby Biltz 2

Hey there! My name is Gabrielle, but those who know me call me Gabby (properly named because I talk a lot). I was on Freshman Class Council last year and I'm super excited to be able to plan events for the Class of 2021 again this year on Sophomore Class Council! If I'm not at one of my club meetings or working at the Smith Center, you can find me walking around the lake or elbow deep in the Ben and Jerry's freezer at the Huddle.




Brianna Brown, Lyons Halls

Hello! My name is Brianna Brown, and I am from Madison, New Jersey. I now live in the best dorm on campus: Lyons Hall. It’s great to be from under the arch! This is my first year on class council, and I can’t wait to get involved. In addition to SCC, I volunteer at a local vet’s practice, work in an undergraduate research lab, and act as a hall commissioner in Lyons. I look forward to helping the Class of 2021 bond and form a strong community!


James Caggiano, Morrissey Manor

James Caggiano

Yo what is up everybody! My name is James Caggiano, originally from Rochester, NY (home of the Garbage Plate), but now I call Morrissey Manor my home. Outside of the Manor, you can find me either playing frisbee on the club team, playing for one of our interhall sports teams, or being the grill master at one of our cook outs #BMOC. Besides FCC, I am involved in my Hall Council and SIBC. When I am not getting involved or studying, you can find me practicing to become the best Super Smash Bros Melee player on the entire campus. I am ready for four great years here at ND!


Ellie Clapp, Farley Hall

I am new to Class Council this year, and I work with the marketing division of SCC. I am from Boston, MA majoring in business analytics with a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship. I love riding horses, and I am on the Notre Dame Equestrian Team.


Caroline Danos, Howard Hall


Hi my name is Caroline Danos, and I am from Denver, Colorado. I am majoring in Finance with a minor in Science, Technology, and Values. This is my first year part of Class Council where I serve as a Co-Chair of the Marketing Committee. I live in the old, but lovable, Howard Hall where I can show off my excellent coordination on the flag football field. Go Ducks!! I'm looking forward to a fun sophomore year! Go Irish!!


Mae Rose Dolan, Welsh Family Hall

Mae Rose

This is my second year on class council, and I am so excited to be able to work with these amazing people again!! I am from Garden City, New York (on Long Island)! I am a Business and FTT major. I am also a member of the Women's Club Basketball Team, Undergraduate Women in Business, SIBC, and hall council! I am the QB of Welsh Fam's flag football B team this year as well. I am an avid Disney lover and Acapella fan.




Michael Dugan, Dillon Hall


Hello! I'm Michael Dugan, from Washington Township, New Jersey, a small town about 30 minutes from New York City. I am extremely happy to live in the beautiful, non-air conditioned Dillon Hall, and on the beautiful campus of Notre Dame. I'm probably going to major in either Computer Science or Computer Engineering, and minor in either public policy or constitutional studies. When I'm not in class, you can find me on South Quad tossing around a frisbee, grilling steak at the Knights of Columbus, or watching football with friends. I'm really excited to be on Freshman Class Council and for being able to both meet and work for the wonderful freshmen of Notre Dame. Go Irish!


Michael Dunn, Carroll Hall

Dunn 2

Hey all, my name is Michael Dunn and I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm privileged to be the Freshman Class Representative from Carroll Hall, home of the best 100 guys. I distribute my time pretty well between Carroll Hall, the Hesburgh Library, and Taco Bell at LaFun. I love the opportunities available at Notre Dame, as there are organizations for every interest. I participate in GreeND, AIChE, EES, Carroll Hall football and Cross Country, and now the FCC. My career aspirations involve projects with clean water infrastructure in countries where such infrastructure is minimal or non-existent, and I'm going to pursue a degree in either Chemical or Environmental Engineering to reach this goal. I'm excited to get to work with fellow leaders in creating the best Notre Dame we can achieve. I'm grateful that I get to call Notre Dame my home. 


Mary Ebberwein, Ryan Hall

Mary Ebberwein

Hi! My name is Mary Ebberwein. I'm from Wichita, Kansas, the heart of the country! I love tractors, running, star gazing, swing dancing, laughing, and exotic foods. My long term plan is to be a doctor in a developing country! And fun fact: I'm the same height as Mother Teresa was, which is cool but also a lot to live up to. :)





Emilia Furlo, McGlinn Hall

Emilia Furlo

Hi! My name is Emilia Furlo and I'm from Wilton, Connecticut. I currently live in McGlinn and am excited to be representing my fellow Shamrocks on SCC this year! You can find me going for a run around the lakes, playing music while going for a bike ride with buds, and spending time with friends in the dorm. I am currently a member of fashion club, play center on the McGlinn flag football team (Roll Rocks), and would highly recommend the dining hall waffles. Looking forward to a great year; Go Irish!



Maddie Gilbertson, Flaherty Hall


Hi everyone! My name is Maddie Gilbertson and I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am beyond blessed to call the beautiful Flaherty Hall my home here at Notre Dame. I'm the first in my family to come to Notre Dame, but I already bleed blue and green. When I'm not hanging out on North Quad or in the line at Starbucks, you can find me playing interhall volleyball or watching the Eagles. I am so excited to be a part of FCC and work with such a great group of people! I can't wait to learn from everyone and make the Class of 2021 the best it can be. Go Irish!


Madison Gabouer, Badin Hall

Madison Gabouer

Hello all, my name is Madison Gabouer and I recently joined Class Council to be able to plan great events for the 2021 Students! I hail from Lemont, Illinois (southwest suburbs of Chicago), and I am so excited to be a part of SCC and to put my heart and soul into it, just like I do for interhall flag football and Advertising Club. I currently reside in the beautiful Badin Hall with the loveliest ladies at ND and I can't wait for them to join in on all the fun events that SCC will plan. My majors are Business and English, I love watching hockey (go Blackhawks), and South Dining Hall is my ride-or-die. Looking forward to a productive and fun year!


Bridget Garrity, Howard Hall



Carolyn Gehan, Cavanaugh Hall

Carolyn G

While I currently reside on the first floor of Cavanaugh Hall, I am originally from Bernardsville, NJ which is about 45 minutes from New York City. If I'm not in my common room wasting time with my roommates, I can be found in the 2nd floor reading room of the library, in the ACE building loft, or walking around the lakes. I chose to come to Notre Dame because of the people I met on my visit: whether I was in the basilica being hugged by the stranger next to me, on North Quad receiving smiles, or at a local restaurant being served by a friendly staff, I felt welcomed. I can't wait to experience more that this university has to offer and meet more of the lovely people who call it home!



Maddie Gilbertson, Flaherty Hall

Hi! My name is Maddie Gilbertson and I am from outside of Philadelphia, PA. I am a proud member of Flaherty Hall, and this is my second year in Class Council. You can find me usually getting coffee in LaFun or unsuccessfully trying to be productive in Duncan Student Center. A little fun fact about me: I've played the violin for over 13 years and I'm still really, really terrible!


Pat Johnson, Stanford Hall

Pat Johnson

Hi, my name's Pat. I'm on the spiritual council which means that I love Jesus and God. My favorite part of being on SCC is being able to spend every Sunday with Marge.






Kelly Kolleck, Lewis Hall

Kelly Kolleck

Hey everyone! My name’s Kelly Kolleck and I’m from Evansville, Indiana. I live in Lewis Hall and am studying neuroscience. Around campus I spend my time at hall council, College Mentors for Kids, club swim, and spending way too many flex points at Starbucks! I am so excited to be a part of SCC and help make this an awesome year for my fellow students. Go Irish!!






Elizabeth Lauer, Breen-Phillips Hall

Elizabeth Lauer

Hey my name is Elizabeth Lauer :) I’m a Finance and Spanish major from Charlotte, NC. I’m addicted to southwest salad and chocolate chip scones (it’s a problem) and I love losing my voice at football and hockey games then attempting to sing Canticle of the Turning the next day at Mass. I’m so excited to be co-chairing the fundraising committee this year - sorry in advance for all the emails but get hype for some great apparel!!




Kaya Lawrence, Badin Hall

Kaya Lawrence

Hey y'all! My name is Kaya Lawrence, and I hail from the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana, also known as the Big Easy. I’m a Sophomore with a double major in Political Science and Gender Studies with a minor in the Hesburgh Program for Public Service. Outside of Sophomore Class Council, I serve on Student Senate as the Badin Representative (Go Bullfrogs!), and I am also Treasurer of Shades of Ebony. I’m looking forward to another great year planning events to connect the Class of ’21. Go Irish!


Liam McPhillips, Dillon Hall



Emmanuel Oduro, Caroll Hall

Hi, I’m from Ghana, and I live in Carroll Hall. This is my first year in Class Council, and it has been amazing from the start! Fun Fact: I have a pet peacock


Susan Peters, Ryan Hall

Susan Peters

I am from toasty Phoenix, Arizona and have been serving on Class Council since freshman year. Outside of SCC, I am a tutor for the Writing Center as well as a member of Mock Trial, the Club Coordination Council, and Ryan Hall's service committee. Fun Fact: One of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has my name on it. Technically, it refers to a 1940s TV actress, but I've taken it as my own in recent years.




Annie Ritten, Ryan Hall

Annie Ritten

Hi all! My name is Annie Ritten and I am originally from Oak Park, IL but Ryan Hall is my home on campus. I am double majoring in marketing and film. Some other clubs I like participating in along with SCC are College Mentors for Kids, SIBC, Baraka Bouts, ND Media, and interhall sports! I'm looking forward to working on the council this year!




Maria Ritten, Pasquerilla West

Maria Ritten

I am Maria Ritten, a sophomore from Oak Park, IL, just outside of Chicago! My on-campus home is PDub, which I have been lucky enough to represent on Class Council for the past two years. Aside from Class Council, I am involved in College Mentors for Kids, KiND Club, and Hall Council, among some other activities around campus. I am looking forward to once again serving on the Class Council and can’t wait for another great year!



Kate Rothmeyer, Howard Hall


Hey everyone! My name is Kate and I live in Howard Hall. I'm from Seattle, WA, and like any other Pacific Northwest native, I love hiking, skiing, and basically anything outdoors. At Notre Dame, I am a part of the Undergraduate Women in Business Club and I plan on playing Club Lacrosse in the spring. I am undecided on my major, but I am thinking about studying political science and/or business. When I'm not in class, I can usually be found sipping some la croix with friends or hammocking on South Quad. I am so excited to be a part of SCC and the Class of 2021!


Robert Scott, Sorin College


I am a sophomore currently residing in Sorin college but from Summit, New Jersey and a member of the fundraising committee for his second year on SCC. I am majoring in Chemical Engineering and Economics and is involved in other clubs and student groups such as the Swim Club, the Knights of Columbus, the Marching Band and Engineering Leadership Council. I also like to spend his time hiking, camping and exploring new places.



Claire Sofronas, Breen-Phillips Hall

Claire Sofronas

Hi! I'm Claire Sofronas and I'm already out of flex points. I'm from New Providence, New Jersey, I won't tell you where in relation that is to NYC but I WILL tell you that it's about 10 minutes away from Kevin Jonas's house. I'm on the fundraising team of SCC because, as a true business major, I love asking people for money. I'm a JV athlete with a varsity mindset which means I do a lot of good work on the bench of BP interhall teams. If you enjoy sitting in NDH for too long or covering your dorm room in 750 googly eyes, then we should be friends!



Keely Thornton, Lyons Hall



Emma Truesdale, McGlinn Hall

Emma Truesdale

Hello!! My name is Emma. I'm from South Bend, IN (#towniegang) and I can't pick a favorite Thanksgiving food. Mashed potatoes, cranberries, pie, it's all too good to choose. This is my first year in Class Council and I suck at coming to meetings because of some sucky health problems I am getting worked out but even still, I'M REALLY EXCITED TO BE HERE!



Ryan Vazza, Dillon Hall

Ryan Vazza

What's up guys! This is my first year in Class Council and I am loving every second of it. I am from right outside Boston, and although I lack the characteristic accent, I do say wicked regularly. My claim to fame is Carrie Ann Inaba (judge for Dancing with the Stars) followed me on Instagram for 6 months. You can find me at the Rock playing mediocre basketball, sleeping in Dillon, or eating in the alpha Dining Hall.