Parking for Spring 2018

Erin Hoffmann, the VP of Student Affairs, and FCC are pleased to be able to accommodate the request of the Class of 2021 for motor vehicle privileges, subject to the following conditions as in years past:

  1. To be considered for such a privilege, a first-year student must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  2. All motor vehicles must be registered in accordance with Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) directives. Eligible students may register their vehicle online via insideND (search for iNDCARS in the search bar). Please be advised that online registration will not be available until January 2018. Notre Dame Security Police will notify all students via e-mail when the vehicle registration process begins.
  3. First-year students must adhere to all traffic and parking regulations as outlined here
  4. Any first-year student on disciplinary probation will not be eligible to have a motor vehicle at the University. Moreover, first-year students who are placed on disciplinary probation during the Spring Semester will have their privileges automatically revoked.
  5. First-year students who are accorded motor vehicle privileges should note that the University policy governing driving under the influence (DUI) provides that outcomes for the first offense include forfeiture all University vehicle registration and campus driving/parking privileges for at least one semester. The full DUI policy can be found here

It is the expectation that first-year students who receive motor vehicle privileges will exercise this privilege with utmost responsibility. Although many students may consider it a necessity to maintain a vehicle at Notre Dame, this office regards possession of a vehicle on campus as a privilege. If in Notre Dame's judgment the presence of a vehicle on campus is detrimental to a student or to the University, the privilege may be revoked. In addition, further privileges may be revoked especially if an incident involves alcohol. Please use the utmost responsibility when driving on campus and remember, it is a privilege that can be lost at any time.